Two Songs of Homelands

Two Songs of Homelands by Lichfield-based composer, David BartonCatalogue Number: NYM027
ISMN: M-708040-27-9
Voice & Piano
Publisher: Nymet Music
Difficulty Level: 4-5
Year of Publication: 2010
Duration: 5 minutes
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1. Southland
2. The Teesdale Hills

For many of us, the place we call ‘home’ is not necessarily the place we live: this is certainly the case for me. I was born in Winchester and lived in the County of Hampshire for the first four years of my life. 26 year on, I still have a strong attachment to the area; despite living in Gloucester for 22 years, heading south is still ‘going home.’

In part, I can also claim a family attachment to the area. My grandfather Rev. J.L.B. James was Curate at St. Luke’s, Southampton before going to be Rector of Millbrook. He met and married my grandmother there after they met when she applied for the position of Headmistress at the small infant school in the parish. During the Second World War, the family were moved to Longstock in the Test Valley, where my mother was born in 1944. My grandfather remained vicar of the parish until his death in 1952. After a brief spell at Preston Candover near Basingstoke, my grandmother moved the family to Winchester, where she remained until her death in 2004.

Anthony Howard was for some years the Executive Producer for Country Ways originally broadcast to the southern counties by TVS and then inherited by Meridian Broadcasting in 1993. Presented by Jill Cochrane and Jim Flegg, these short thirty minute programmes intended to offer a brief portrait of some aspect of life in the South and South East of England. Anthony included the poem ‘Southland’ in one of several Country Ways books which supported the series.

As for Teesdale, I can claim no connection at all, except to say that when I go there, I feel a very strong attachment to this beautiful part of the country. Sometimes these connections can never be logically explained and in some ways, why should we attempt to do so. I first came across this poem in a holiday cottage near Alston. It also appears in Hannah Hauxwell’s Hannah’s North Country where she says the poet ‘has given such pleasure to me, to many generations before me, and I am sure, will do the same for many more to come.’

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