The Art of Piano Education Awards

As some of you may have already seen on social media, Elena Cobb, founder of the EVC Music and the Star Prize Festival at the Royal Albert Hall, has announced the launch of the Art of Piano Education Awards, #PianoEdAwards. The first event will take place on 17 June 2024 at the Royal Albert Hall, the Elgar Room, during the Star Prize Festival.

Andrew Eales, currently a publishing consultant for the EVC and a respected expert in piano resources, has accepted the President of the Awards role.

I am thrilled to have accepted the opportunity to be part of a panel of experts, alongside Andrew, Sally Cathcart, and Murray McLachlan.

The awards will seek to provide an annual focus on celebrating excellence and promoting positive innovation. It is planned to expand to more categories in future years, moving beyond the initial print resource focus.

‘The awards will focus exclusively on piano resources and education in the UK and Internationally and celebrate the achievements of everyone in this often-overlooked educational sector.’

Elena Cobb

‘The Art of Piano Education Awards presents an exciting opportunity for all stakeholders in piano education. Across our sector, we see tremendous dedication, commitment, passion and professionalism; these awards will provide an annual focus for recognising excellence and for promoting positive innovation.’

Andrew Eales

The awards will include the following categories:

  1. The best piano repertoire book or series
  2. The best piano method book or series
  3. The best educational publication (book, magazine)
  4. The Lifetime Achievement Award

Categories 1-3: nominations are invited by the public and publishers and voted by the panel of experts.

The Lifetime Achievement Award will be nominated and voted on by a panel of experts.

Please note that given Elena and Andrew’s involvement, neither EVC Music publications, now Andrew’s own publications will be considered as part of the nominations.

The nominations will open on 1 February and close on 29 February. To make a nomination, and to find out more about the Art of Piano Education Awards, click below: