Sonatina No. 1

Catalogue Number: DBM1601
Solo Piano
Publisher: David Barton Music
Difficulty Level: 7-8
Year of Publication: 2016
Duration: 9 minutes
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The Sonatina, which comprises of three movements, centres around variations on a rising and falling motif of F, G flat, A, G and returning to F. The work opens with a resolute Allegro with that melodic motif first heard in the bass. Also introduced is a syncopated rhythmic figure, also heard in the bass at the opening and which reappears at the end of the first and third movements. The opening melody gives way to a lighter central section before the opening is heard once more. A brief slower section offers glimpses of the second and third movements before the opening rhythmic motif is heard once more and the movement cascades to a strident end.

The sonorous Lento opens with a sparkling figure which subsides to a series of chords which play upon the semitone relationship between the G and G flat once again. The melodic motif first heard in the opening movement is stated most fully here, appearing both in the treble and bass parts.

The Sonatina closes with a spirited Presto movement which picks up on a rising chordal motif first heard in the slower section of the opening movement. As it speeds towards its climax, the resolute rhythmic motif heard at the beginning and end of the first movement, is stated once again. A final torrent of notes brings the Sonatina to its conclusion.

The work received its premiere in May 2016 at the Washington Piano Society, with Francesca Hurst at the piano.


The music was was lovely and also interesting and easy on the ears.

Loved the composition…fun, melodic and enjoyable.

What a great joy to hear a contemporary work that’s truly pleasant to the ear (rather than some academic exercise in atonal tripe)…and really wonderful – certainly on par with masterwork of a century ago, by great English composers like R.V.W.

Enjoyed very much the different moods, playful, pensive, soulful etc. throughout the piece. It managed to be modern, but melodic all the way through!

I really liked it. I envisioned the first two movements in a mystery film and the last for a romantic story of love lives.

The 3rd movement was lovely. Definitely reminiscent of Debussy. Great counterpoint and melodic development. Enjoyed it!

Enjoyed your music, both rhythmic and lyrical – thought it would be wonderful for collaboration with a choreographer.

I very much enjoyed the wistful questioning of the second movement. In the third movement I heard lovely echoes of Ravel’s Sonatina. It was great to hear new music of this calibre.

Comments from audience members in attendance at the premiere performance.

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