Singing Lessons FAQ

Find out below a bit more about the singing tuition I offer:

What can I learn?

I teach both classical and music theatre. Lessons are tailored to the individual’s needs and interests. They contain a good balance of repertoire, healthy vocal technique and general musicianship skills. Most people sing a selection of styles including classical, folk, jazz and music theatre. I don’t focus on a particular ‘method’ of singing, but rather adopts a holistic approach, drawing on the best that each offers. Please note that I don’t teach pop/rock/karaoke singing (this is not a criticism of the styles, but that I am primarily classically-trained, and therefore specialise in that repertoire – it is very rare to find a singing teacher who specialises in every style in equal measure). For those who particularly want to specialise in music theatre, I also offer speech and drama training alongside the singing.

Who can learn?

I accept pupils from the age of 11 upwards. Other teachers accept pupils younger, but in my experience, this is a good age to start. In the early years, voices are continuing to change and develop and the lessons will reflect this. There is no upper age limit and I have taught pupils aged well beyond 70! All ability levels are catered for from beginners to advanced students. Please don’t worry if you think you’re tone deaf, sing out of tune or don’t have a very good voice – I cater for all these too!

Why should I learn?

Singing offers an enormous array of benefits. It can enhance well-being and increase confidence. It offers the opportunity for pupils to sing in choirs and make music with others. A number of exams and assessments are offered for those who are interested. Singing is a very personal thing – you are your instrument – this makes it a hugely rewarding pastime.

What will I need?

The advantage of learning to sing is that you already own an instrument! You will need a few books along the way and there are costs involved in taking exams and assessments for those who are interested.