From parents:

‘Thank you for all you have done for her. Her confidence has grown and she would never have played in public without your help and guidance.’

‘Thank you very very much for all the help you have given Ellen over the years. She has enjoyed all her lessons and never asked to give up which is a great credit to your teaching and understanding of teenagers!’

‘As usual – thank you so much for all the amazing inspiration & teaching. Ellie really enjoys playing the piano & it is all down to her time with you. Not everyone can teach – but you can!!’

From adult pupils:

Have I told you what an inspirational teacher you are?

‘I’d like to say thank you so much for creating an opportunity to play in front of folk last night. For me it was such an incredible experience which I enjoyed very much. I loved singing in the choir too and it was great to have the choreography done by someone young…I think young or old we were all nervous but there was such a supportive atmosphere and camaraderie from everyone which really helped me through it. I’d do it again…and I’d really encourage others to do it.’

‘Our two audience members said they thoroughly enjoyed the evening and were quite moved by the whole thing. We felt the same when we came to watch the previous one – the evening has an intimacy about it that is rather old-fashioned and touching. It felt more like people sharing something with friends and family rather than performing for an audience. Thank you for looking after us (food and tea and props and encouragement and so on). You did a great job!’

‘Thank you for teaching me piano – I’ve enjoyed the lessons very much.’

‘Thank you for all your patience and help in teaching and improving my singing. I shall miss Friday afternoons!’

‘What can I say – you have taught me to play the flute and I’ve had fun doing it. I know I have a huge amount to learn and practise – thank you for your teaching and your patience.’

‘Thank you for managing the impossible!’

‘I really appreciate your hard work and expert teaching. I have enjoyed my lessons, performance experience and meeting with others who share a passion for music.’

‘Almost two years on and I cannot believe the transformation…from someone who had never played or sung in front of anyone, I have done both…I find it difficult to believe. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could achieve this. The duet playing also has brought such pleasure into my life. Thank you for being an inspirational teacher. I don’t think I need to say anything else.’

‘Thank you so much for the good humoured pushing and prodding – I would never have made it as far as I did, to the giddy heights of Advanced Level (Grade 7) without it.’

‘Thank you for making my musical journey challenging and fun…I shall miss our Tuesday morning lessons and cups of tea…’

‘…an enormous thank you. I have much enjoyed the lessons and will always remember and appreciate your expert teaching.’

‘Thank you so much for your help over the last couple of years. You have very much helped me regain my confidence after an accident.’

‘…thanks again for the lessons…they’ve been amazingly effective and I’m now getting more comments about my singing than my guitar playing!’

‘A huge thank you for your patience in getting me enthused and motivated!’

‘Many thanks for all your support over the years…you probably deserve a medal!’

‘Many thanks for your invaluable help, pointing me in the right direction and giving me the confidence to do it. I will gladly recommend your services to any others who may ask me about singing lessons’

From pupils:

‘Thank you for all your help – you’ve been a great teacher.’

‘Thank you for being a great teacher.’

‘Thank you for everything you have done for me over our time together. You patiently guided me into being better singer, but I mostly thank you for identifying a ‘gift’ of composing within me. If you hadn’t noticed, I would have never known! You always have faith in me when I say ‘I can’t’ or when I was adamant I had failed. I’ve highly enjoyed every lesson and have much appreciation for the extra things such as the concerts and for the help with composing. I admire your love for music and care for your pupils and thanks for enlightening me into a new music.’ 

‘Thank you for teaching me for a couple of years – with your help I have really improved – my timing has come on a lot!’

‘Thank you for helping me progress so much with my flute playing. You have taught me so much about the theory of music and also with my rhythm! I have enjoyed all of my lessons and they have sometimes improved a bad day.’

‘I want to thank you not only for all you have taught me during my lessons, but for taking that extra time outside the ‘classroom’. You have not only developed my knowledge but deepened my passion for singing, composing and music altogether. I have much respect for you as a musician, a teacher, and a friend. I am always astonished by your talent; I truly aspire to be like you.’

‘Thank you so much for the last 3 years, and all your hard work to get me to Grade 8. You really are a great teacher!’

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