Recommended Reading

There are, of course, many many books available to help you prepare for your teaching diploma. Some boards provide a list of suitable reading, so it’s worth checking those out too. I’m often asked to recommend reading materials for teaching diploma candidates. There is, inevitably, a never-ending list of possible reads, so I present here some highlights:

General Instrumental Teaching

A Common Approach (now available to download here)
ABRSM (2009) Raising an Amazing Musician
Gane, P.M. (2006) Making Music: Creative Ideas for Instrumental Teachers
Hallam, S. (1998) Instrumental Teaching
Harris, P. (2006) Improve Your Teaching
Harris, P. (2008) Improve Your Teaching: Teaching Beginners
Harris, P. (2012) The Virtuoso Teacher
Harris, P. (2014) Simultaneous Learning
Harris, P. & Crozier, R. (2000) The Music Teacher’s Handbook
Mackworth-Young, L. (2000) Tuning In
O’Connor, J. (1987) Not Pulling Strings
Schnebly-Black, J. & Moore, S.F. (2004) Rhythm One-on-One
Stringer, M. (2005) The Music Teacher’s Handbook

General Music Education

Bachmann, M.L. (1991) Dalcroze Today
Fautley, M. (2010) Assessment in Music Education
Findlay, E. (1971) Rhythm and Movement
Green, B. (2012) The Inner Game of Music
Hallam, S. & Creech, A. (2010) Music Education in the 21st Century in the United Kingdom
Houlahan, M. & Tacka, P. (2001) Kodály Today
Mead, V.H. (1994) Dalcroze Eurhythmics in Today’s Music Classroom
Marcus, G. (2013) Guitar Zero
Odam, G. (1995) The Sounding Symbol
Schnebly-Black, J. & Moore, S.F. (2003) The Rhythm Inside
Swanwick, K. (1988) Music Mind Education
Swanwick, K. (1999) Teaching Music Musically

Group Teaching and Group Music-Making

ABRSM (2004) All Together
Everitt, A. (1997) Joining In


Elson, M. (2002) Passionate Practice
Harris, P. (2014) The Practice Process
Johnston, P. (2002) The Practice Revolution
Macmillan, J. (2010) Successful Practising
Snell, H. (2006) The Art of Practice
Westney, W. (2006) The Perfect Wrong Note


Greene, D. (2002) Performance Success
Roland, D. (1997) The Confident Performer
Any of the ABRSM A Performer’s Guide to… series for stylistic considerations

Business of Teaching

Johnston, P. (2003) Promoting Your Teaching Studio
Osborn, R. (2006) The Private Music Instruction Manual

Piano Teaching

Cantan, N. (2017) The Piano Practice Physician’s Handbook

Also, if you don’t subscribe already, Music Teacher magazine, the ISM’s Music Journal, and MMA’s Ensemble are all good magazines to read. There are, of course, many blogs and websites too, as well as many hundreds of instrument-specific books.

If you have any books you think should be highlighted above, please let David know!