The DipABRSM in Instrumental/Vocal Teaching is the first-level teaching diploma offered by ABRSM. It comprises of three elements:

  1. Written Submission (1,800 words on a prescribed title chosen by the candidate and sent with the entry form);
  2. Viva Voce (based on three current ABRSM Grade 6 pieces for your instrument and general teaching issues);
  3. Quick Study (unaccompanied of around ABRSM Grade 6 standard).

How can David help?

Written Submission:

  • Advice on choice of title, planning and structuring the essay;
  • Recommend reading, resources and other materials relating to the topic;
  • Read and give feedback on drafts of the essay;
  • Give general advice on academic writing, presentation and referencing.

Viva Voce:

  • Advice on choosing Grade 6 pieces;
  • Providing sample questions based on those pieces and feedback on answers;
  • General advice about the Viva discussion;
  • Advice on choosing which teaching materials to take to the exam.

Quick Study:

  • General advice on preparation;
  • Recommendations of practice materials;
  • Listen to and give feedback on recordings of QS attempts.

All mentoring is tailored to the individual and is not a course of study. There are no set course materials, rather, David is guided by your individual needs and requirements.

Two options for DipABRSM mentoring are offered:

Option A

Mentoring for the complete DipABRSM
Runs January to July, and June to December
£395 (or 6 x £72.50 monthly payments)

Option B

Mentoring for Viva Voce and Quick Study ONLY*
Runs May to July, and October to December
£215 (or 3 x £79.00 monthly payments)

*This is only suitable for those candidates who have already submitted their entries. 

If you are outside of the UK, and your exam sessions are at different times, packages can be adjusted. Please enquire.

To find out more about the mentoring David offers and to enquire about availability, please send him a message.