Diploma Mentoring

Opting to sit for one of many diplomas in music teaching is a big commitment, both in time, work and money. Being able to teach is one thing, but being able to demonstrate your teaching skills and knowledge is another. Every candidate needs to go into the exam feeling thoroughly prepared and confident in their teaching ability. That’s why David offers mentoring for teachers via distance learning. The mentoring is cost-effective and flexible meaning it can be fitted in alongside your day-to-day work. There’s no attendance at a course or lessons, no assignments, and no deadlines: you get individually-tailored, bespoke, professional one-to-one support as and when you need it. You will go into your exam equipped with the confidence and expertise to succeed. 

Which diplomas do you offering mentoring for?

Mentoring is currently available for the DipABRSM, ATCL, DipLCM(TD) and ALCM(TD). You can find out more about what David can offer for each and details of the costs by clicking through to their individual pages.

How does the mentoring work?

The mentoring, provided by e-mail, can cover all or any aspects of the diploma preparation. David will be able to answer the questions you have; guide and support your preparations; enable you to prepare for and be confident about the exam; and above all, ensure that you are 100% happy with what’s expected of you. Worksheets, guidance notes, recommendations for further reading and much more is provided, and all the support is 100% geared towards your individual needs. Above all, David wants you to feel confident in your approach, and for the whole experience to be a beneficial and positive one. 

What do previous candidates say?

"I really feel that the questions you sent me got me thinking along the right lines and most certainly helped on the day, in particular when going through the pieces with the examiner after my demonstration...I remember feeling that I had definitely thought about most of what they asked when sending my answers to you. Therefore a huge thank you to you!" (Claire, DipABRSM with Distinction, 2012)

"I would like to thank you for your help as your guidance and pointers were useful, especially with the written submission as I am not a writer myself" (Craig, DipABRSM, 2012)

"My teaching diploma went really well, thanks to your brilliant help! Your [viva voce] questions were so accurate! I had a brilliant experience, two really nice examiners...both were impressed with the Pneumo Pro and had to take down the name and website address!...It was such a brilliant experience, and I answered everything pretty well...thanks so much again" (Deirdre, DipABRSM with Distinction, 2012)

"The questions you had given me were spot on and covered all of the aspects that I was questioned on. Many thanks for your help" (Ann, DipABRSM, 2014)

"Many thanks indeed for this very, very useful feedback. I am really grateful to you. Your comments have helped me to address the basic issues more clearly." (Stephen, DipABRSM, 2014)

"Huge thanks for your help over the month, it has been more than worth the fee." (Rachel, DipABRSM, 2014)

"Many thanks for all your help, it really did make a difference...I now feel I would be able to start teaching again with confidence." (Ann, DipABRSM, 2014)

"I think the overall experience has been useful, it has made me think hard about my practice, and to try out a lot of new ideas and approaches...I wouldn't have considered doing a diploma without your tweets, and your guidance and suggested sources have made a huge different in my submission and the mark I got for that." (Martin, DipABRSM, 2016)

The fee for each diploma covers unlimited e-mail mentoring and support, plus worksheets, guidance notes etc. Remember, this is a cost-effective way of preparing for your diploma and you're paying for a professional and bespoke service. For the equivalent of the three month’s unlimited support David offers, you might get only three hours' face-to-face tuition.

David's Experience

David has worked for 17 years as an instrumental and vocal teacher in private practice. His experience is wide-ranging having worked with all age groups, including adults; pupils from different backgrounds; and pupils with very different abilities and skills. He has sat several diplomas, including teaching diplomas, and he holds postgraduate qualifications in education, including the PGCPSE, PGDPSE and an MEd from The Open University. He is currently studying for a PhD in Music Education at the Royal College of Music, London.

If you want to ‘try before you buy’ feel free to e-mail a question about your teaching diploma, and David will be more than happy to give you a ‘taster’ of the mentoring provided. For more information, and for an informal ‘conversation’ about what he can offer, click here.

Facebook Group

We also have a closed Facebook group where current teaching diploma candidates can support each other, and also seek the advice of those who've already sat their diploma.