Composer, Arranger & Publisher

David has enjoyed a wide variety of musical activities from an early age, and has, since 1998, forged a wide-ranging career in the performing arts. Born in Winchester, Hampshire, but now based in Lichfield, Staffordshire, he combines a busy schedule of teaching, composing, accompanying and writing across the UK.

David composes and arranges in a wide range of musical styles and genres. Works have been described as ‘refreshing’, ‘effective’ and ‘sensitive’. Pieces are published in the UK, USA and Canada. Performances take place worldwide, but particularly in the US where his works have been used at venues across the country including in the States of New York, Virginia, Massachusetts, California, North Carolina, Washington, Texas, and Minneapolis.

The music he produces is diverse both in its style and instrumentation, but overall, its intention is to be accessible and enjoyable. He has worked extensively with young composers, encouraging them to develop their skills and to enjoy composing. He holds several diplomas for composition, including two from the London College of Music. He is a Writer Member of PRS and MCPS.

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