September 2018 New Discoveries

Welcome to September’s edition of this popular monthly post which reviews new music, books and resources, many of which will be of use to both teachers and players alike. If you have music you wish to submit for review, please see my Reviews Policy.

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PIANO BOREALIS: Chilled Pieces for the Early-Advanced Pianist inspired by the Far North (Jenny Walker)
Jaynote Music, ISBN 171998798X, £7.49/£4.99 (Available from Amazon)

Jenny is a piano teacher, performer and composed based in Lincolnshire. These pieces were written following a trip to the far north, namely Iceland, Greenland and parts of Norway, and each piece echoes a different aspect of that awe-inspiring scenery. My particular favourite was ‘Big Sky’ and you can hear me play this below (sorry, yes, the piano needs tuning):

These pieces are aimed at pianists at the ‘early-advanced’ level, I’d suggest at least Grade 5 and above. They are nicely presented with a short introduction as to how each piece might be approached by the learner. There is some effective use of repeating octave movement and some fairly sizeable chords; these may need to be adapted for players with smaller hands. Overall, despite the occasional irregular spacing of the music, this volume is good value and adds some interesting and effective pieces to the higher level repertoire. Listen to the first piece in the volume, ‘Islands of Ice’ below:

Find out more about Jenny on her website, and look out in next month’s New Discoveries for my review of her two other books, Piano Tracks.

THE FOUNDATION PIANIST: A technical and musical curriculum for pianists at post-Grade 1 and 2 level, Books 1 & 2 (Karen Marshall & David Blackwell)
Faber Music, ISBN 0571540651 (Book 1), £7.99 (Available from Musicroom)

It is great to see another couple of excellent, and eagerly-awaited books added to Faber Music’s Piano Trainer series. You can read my review of The Intermediate Pianist in my September 2017 New Discoveries. These two volumes are aimed at those pianists who’ve passed Grade 1 and Grade 2 standard respectively (though, of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean they need to have taken the exam).

These books could equally have been titled ‘The Foundation Musician’, for they contain more than just the development of pianistic skills. Exercises, sight-reading, repertoire, musicianship, theory, improvisation and the history of music are all covered. They are, as expected, thoroughly well-planned and executed, and just like The Intermediate Pianist they are also well-suited to adult learners.

Karen and David have selected a range of repertoire pieces to include which support the aforementioned development of a wide musical skillset, and David in particular, has written a number of pieces and arrangements especially for these books. Here is me playing David’s arrangement of Holst’s ‘Mars’ from The Planets (yes, out of tune piano, sorry):

I really cannot praise these books enough. They provide a consistent follow-on to Karen and Heather’s Get Set Piano! series, and an excellent precursor to The Intermediate Pianist. Faber Music, have, once again, done a superb job.

Look out in my special seasonal edition New Discoveries for a review of Karen and David’s Christmas edition of Get Set Piano!

JOURNEYS: Piano Album, Volumes 1-3 (William Minter)
KOA Music, $14.99/$9.99 (Available from KOA Music)

Born in the UK, but now living in America, Will has produced six volumes of Journeys covering 97 pieces in total. I would suggest that the volumes broadly align to the grades, so Volume 1 = Grade 1 etc., but this is by no means set in stone.

Each volume contains a wide variety of pieces in diverse styles, including arrangements of well-known classical works and folk-songs. They are nicely produced and each volume contains an introduction to each piece which both teachers and learners may find useful. Hear me play ‘To Bach’ from Journeys 3:

Overall, these books offer pupils a good value means to acquire a volume which covers virtually all conceivable styles and genres. As the books go on, the length of the pieces increases, and some management of page turns may be necessary by Volume 3.

Look out for my review of Volumes 4-6 in next month’s New Discoveries.