Reviews Policy

I am always happy to accept books, sheet music and other relevant publications for independent review.

It’s worth pointing out that the items featured on my blog are not solely those sent in specifically for review, but also include those I have acquired myself and which I think may be of interest to you.

As well as being featured on my blog, posts containing reviews are also sent to my email list, and distributed via social media (Twitter, 4,500+ followers and Facebook, 500+ followers).

Above all, I’m keen to share new publications and resources with a wider audience; however, in order to best facilitate this, please keep the following in mind:

  1. I cannot guarantee to review everything I receive. This is, in part, due to time and space constraints, but I am also mindful of featuring those things most likely to interest my readers;
  2. There is often a backlog of items awaiting review, so please be patient. Only a certain amount can be featured at any one time;
  3. If you wish me to review anything which is obviously seasonal (e.g. Christmas music) please plan to send these well in advance if you wish them to be featured;
  4. I will need to see copies of anything you wish to submit for review (printed copies are preferable). Images of book covers and links to YouTube videos are not sufficient in themselves for me to give an honest opinion on sheet music;
  5. I can only write a review based on what I receive. If you feel something needs greater explanation than that which might be obvious from the item itself, please provide this (but worth bearing in mind that it might not be obvious to your potential customers either);
  6. Reviews are independent. I don’t take or accept any payment or commission for the items reviewed, other than through affiliate links where appropriate. This does not affect the impartiality of the reviews written. Reviews are my honest opinion as a teacher;
  7. If your publication receives a review, then do make the best of it and share that review with your readers, friends, family and customers. The existence of a review does not guarantee it will be read. Share it with the wider music community!

Items received for review cannot be returned unless otherwise agreed.

If you wish to submit a book, piece of music or other relevant publication for review, please contact me here.