Three Bird Songs

Three Bird Songs

Three Bird Songs

Catalogue Number: CMS104
Instrumentation: Flute, Clarinet & Piano
Publisher: Imagine Music Publications
Difficulty Level: M
Year of Publication: 2010
Duration: 6 minutes
Availability: In Print

Printed Copy: $12.00

PDF Download: $8.40


  1. Merops Apiasta
  2. Birds in Finchley Park
  3. Cetti’s Warbler

From the publisher’s website:

‘These comic miniatures give rise to a light-hearted repartee between the three ensemble members. All three instruments get a chance to shine, and there is opportunity not just for musical expression, but for a certain amount of amusing interchange between the ensemble members. The Bee Eater is surely a most ridiculous creature: apparently they don’t like bees at all but are partial to wasps!’