Cantabile on ‘Nöel Nouvelet’

Cantabile on ‘Nöel Nouvelet’

Cantabile on ‘Nöel Nouvelet’

Organ Solo
Publisher: Fagus Music
Difficulty Level: E
Year of Publication: 2010
Duration: 3 minutes
Availability: In Stock

Published in The Fagus Book of Quiet Voluntaries for Easter

Printed Copy: £18.00

PDF option available

From the publisher’s website:

It gradually has come to the notice of your proprietor, faithfully beavering away at the console each Sunday, that for Easter (and the Sundays after) there is a wealth of jubilant music which, while fine for postludes, is usually too noisy to serve as introductory voluntaries. So Fagus composers were asked to remedy this situation and have done so with conspicuous success. There is music by Geoffrey Atkinson, David Barton, Gwilym Beechey, Richard Benger, Brian Daniels, Michael Dawney, John Fishwick, Nigel Gaze, Gary Higginson, Gordon Lawson, Peter Naylor, Charles Paterson, Gilbert Rowland, and Evelyn Stell, and there are also two newly edited chorale preludes by Johann Pachelbel. Three items have been reprinted from earlier Fagus volumes. There are 27 pieces in all, and the book contains nearly 90 pages of accessible and mostly straightforward music which will solve your prelude problems for at least 4 weeks or so of every year.


‘This collection of 27 pieces provides quieter pieces for use as opening  voluntaries during the Easter season, specifically composed so that the results  ‘should be capable of being played by players of modest ability, or quickly  prepared by those who are more skilled’. The book succeeds in these aims, with  a collection in a wide variety of styles. Chorale and hymn tunes form the  basis; Noël Nouvelet appears four  times, each with a very different approach. Some pieces are quite conventional  in their harmonic approach, others more adventurous, but the standard is  universally good. There is something for everyone, and the use of these pieces  need not be confined to the Easter period. The only non-contemporary composer  included is Pachelbel, represented by  a Partita on Salzburg and a chorale prelude on ‘Christ lag in Todesbanden’. This is a  highly useful collection.’

Trevor Webb in RSCM Church Music Quarterly (March 2012)