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When I first started piano lessons at the age of six, I enjoyed improvising and picking out tunes on the piano. My teacher was very accommodating in being willing to notate these early efforts. Whilst at school, I composed a number of pieces which were performed, most notably, the anthem The Time We Have is Precious which was sung in Gloucester Cathedral at the school’s Founders’ Day service.

A good number of my compositions and arrangements were written in response to the needs of individuals, ensembles and choirs with which I’ve worked. They are predominantly aimed at amateur groups and often at those with limited resources.

I compose and arrange in a wide range of musical styles and genres. Works have been described as ‘refreshing’, ‘effective’ and ‘sensitive’. Pieces are published in the UK, USA and Canada. Performances take place worldwide, but particularly in the US.

The music I write is diverse both in its style and instrumentation, but overall, its intention is to be accessible and enjoyable. I hold several diplomas for composition, including two from the London College of Music, and I am a Writer Member of PRS and MCPS.



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Piano Accompanist

I continue to accompany a range of singers, instrumentalists, choirs and ensembles, and have experience accompanying virtually every imaginable musical style. I have accompanied many exams and assessments with all the major boards, right from pre-Grade 1 to diploma level.

I became a church organist since the age of 14, accompanying a variety of choirs and church groups, in addition to playing for regular services. I have worked with local amateur dramatics and drama groups, accompanying several major musical theatre productions including Bugsy Malone, Crazy for You, The Little Shop of Horrors and Guys & Dolls.

I thoroughly enjoy accompanying and realising that a good accompanist can make all the difference to a successful performance, my skills have often been described as ‘sensitive’, ‘confident’ and ‘reassuring’.

Subject to availability, I am available to accompany exams in the Lichfield area (including Four Oaks and Sutton Coldfield).

Accompanying for exams is charged in two parts: firstly any rehearsals, and secondly, the exam itself.

David is also available to accompany recorded and digital exams and diplomas, for which the same fees apply.

The number of rehearsals needed will depend on several factors:

  • Whether the candidate has played with the ‘live’ accompaniment to their pieces before;
  • Whether they need help with and practice at the aural tests;
  • How confident they are with the pieces;
  • How much has been covered in their lessons.

As a rough guide, the following is recommended, but dependent on the aforementioned list, more or less time may be necessary:

Preliminary Grades1 x 30 minutes
Grades 1–52 x 30 minutes
Grades 6–82 x 45 minutes
DiplomasPlease enquire

Rehearsals are charged as follows:

30 minutes£19.50
45 minutes£29.25
60 minutes£39.00

Exam accompanying is charged as follows:

Pre-Grade 1£19.50
Grades 1-3£24.50
Grades 4-5£29.25
Grades 6-7£34.25
Grade 8£39.00
DiplomasPlease enquire

These prices include travel; where there is more than one candidate to accompany, these prices will be adjusted to reflect that. To enquire about accompanying, or to discuss your requirements further please;

Freelance Writer & Researcher

Over the years, I have built up a portfolio of writing and research related, albeit not exclusively, to music education. I have contributed to a range of magazines and journals including Music Teacher Magazine, Piano Professional, Cathedral Music and Forte. I was recently commissioned by LCM Exams to write about the changing landscape of examinations and assessments.

I continue to research a range of music education-related areas, and the primary focus at the present time is on autonomy and control in private instrumental teaching. This has formed the basis of my PhD submission at the Royal College of Music, London.

Research has been presented at a number of conferences including at University College, London (UCL) and The University of York.



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