My Top 10 Blog Posts in 2020

It’s always good at the end of another calendar year (and what a whirlwind year it’s been) to look back see which blog posts were the most popular. These so often reflect the topical issues of the past 12 months and by sharing them here, it also gives you a chance to catch up on any you missed.

  • Which were your favourites?
  • What would you like to see more of in the future?

So, without further ado, in descending order…

Top Resources for Improving Your Sight-Singing

10. Top Resources for Improving Your Sight-Singing

In this blog post, I shared four of my favourite resources for students to improve their sight-singing. There are books aimed at all different levels of singer including Sound at Sight, Improve Your Sight-Singing and Ear Without Fear.

9. 5 Things I’ve Learnt Having Music Lessons as a Teacher

Over the past few years I’ve returned to having flute lessons, and in this blog post, I share some of the things I’ve learnt along the way. Whether you’re a teacher having lessons again, or even an adult learner, I hope there’s something here to inspire and reassure you.

Online Music Lessons

8. Online Music Lessons: Who’d Have Thought It?

In this guest blog post, one of my own students shares his positive experiences of having online lessons this year. Whilst, as teachers, many of us have worried about whether what we’re offering is up to standard, many of our students are grateful for the opportunity to continue their learning.

7. Review: Get Set! Piano – My First Piano Book

In this review, I cover two new books for beginner pianists from Karen Marshall. Both are new additions to the popular Get Set! Piano series.

ABRSM Discovering Music Theory workbooks for Grades 1-5

6. Review: ABRSM Discovering Music Theory

Whilst the new ABRSM Online Theory Exam has caused much stress and controversy in 2020, these new books, whilst very similar to the Trinity Workbooks, are a huge improve on the old Music Theory in Practice series.

5. 6 Ways to Nurture Your Own Music-Making in 2020

None of us realised how 2020 would turn out, but way back in January, I penned this blog post to encourage us all, especially as teachers, to nurture own own enjoyment of music.

4. Review: Trinity Piano Syllabus 2021-23

Both Trinity and ABRSM released their new piano syllabuses in 2020, and both have taken a very different approach. Whilst Trinity have perhaps overcomplicated the provision of books and digital resources, their repertoire is both diverse and imaginative.

Pencil, music manuscript paper and sheet music making notes for the DipABRSM quick study

3. Where Can You Find Practice Materials for the DipABRSM Quick Study?

The DipABRSM Quick Study often causes candidates much anxiety, and with limited practice materials available, I offer in this blog post, some suggestions of where both performing and teaching candidates can find additional resources.

ABRSM Piano Syllabus 2021/22: Publication Review

2. ABRSM Piano Syllabus 2021/22: Publication Review

It is perhaps no surprise that the two top blog posts in 2020 relate to the 2021/22 ABRSM Piano Syllabus. This post covers the selection of new supporting tests and resources including a significantly slimmed-down list of scale requirements.

ABRSM Piano Syllabus 2021/22 selected pieces books

1. ABRSM Piano Syllabus 2021/22: Repertoire Review

The top blog post in 2020 was my review of the repertoire included in the new 2021/22 ABRSM Piano Syllabus. Whilst in the main, the repertoire might be considered ‘safe’, there is certainly something for everyone.

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