Whether you’re a teacher or a student, there’s no end to what you can learn and experience when it comes to music: it’s a lifelong journey.

My mission is to create and facilitate an environment where you have the opportunity to grow and experience all that music offers, no matter where you are on that journey, and no matter how you engage with music.

I’m passionate about music and music education, and it has been a great privilege to have spent over 20 years supporting others on their own musical journeys.

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I’m committed to finding simple and authentic ways to harness each individual’s creativity and imagination. Music offers a lifetime’s enjoyment and fulfilment, and I love to see it enhancing other people’s lives in the same way it has enhanced mine.

Music has been at the centre of my life ever since I was inspired to start learning the piano at the age of six. Now, over 30 years later, I’m still enjoying each step I take on my own musical journey. There have been plenty of twists and turns along the way, but above all, music has always provided a sense of fulfilment and enjoyment, offering a voice at times when words failed. The roads I’ve travelled and the hurdles I’ve overcome have all shaped the way I work with people now.

I believe that music has the power to build bridges, cross divides, and enhance health and well-being.

I work with a whole range of people, of all ages and ability levels. I’m passionate about supporting students as they learn and develop their instrumental and vocal skills, but equally, I’m committed to supporting teachers in their own development too. Most importantly, we all share a common love for music, and I’m committed to meeting each individual wherever they’re at on their musical journey.

Over 20 years:

I have taught some 15,000 hours of one-to-one instrumental and vocal lessons;

I have taught over 250 individual students ranging in age from five to 75+;

I have taught a whole range of students from beginners to diploma-level, both amateurs and professionals;

I am an active researcher in the field of music education, working recently for ABRSM, with a number of specialist education and teaching qualifications;

In 2018, I was hugely honoured to be
nominated and shortlisted for the
Musicians’ Union Inspiration Award at the Music Teacher Awards.

But, I had to start somewhere. Whether you’re a learner or a teacher, and wherever you are on your musical journey, I’ve probably been there too.

A few of my musical milestones…

But, it’s not just about music…

Having read this, you might think that I do nothing but music, and it’s true, there’s a creative element to practically everything I do. If you follow me on social media, you’ll know I’m an avid baker and ‘foodie’. An awful lot of what I do involves cake, and if you ever come to an event or workshop, you might get to sample one. If truth be told, when a lot of people think of me, they think of cake before music! I’m also a bit of a genealogy addict, and as someone once said, “you leave no stone unturned!” I’ve recently been rediscovering my love for photography too.

My Values

The work I do, my wider interests and the way I spend my time stems from my biggest values:


We live in a world with noise all around us, but so many of us crave a simpler and less cluttered life. Music plays a huge part in that. Whether you’re a teacher or a student, your musical experiences can enhance the lives of others.


As much as I want to harness your creativity as an individual, I also believe that through creative solutions, we can overcome many of the hurdles we come up against.


We live in a world where everything is available to us at the touch of the button, but by nourishing our own imaginations, we can be inspired by so much around us. Creativity and imagination are a huge part of my work as a composer and arranger, with some 150 works published worldwide.


I’ve always tried to remain true to myself and my values, and I want you to feel confident enough to do the same. I want to share the ups of your musical journey, as well as the downs.


Wherever you are on your musical journey, I’m committed to supporting your growth and development, not just as a musician, but as an individual.


I want to meet you wherever you’re at on your musical journey. Each individual is unique with different needs, goals and aspirations. Music has something to offer everyone.

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Wherever you’re at on your musical journey, I’d love to hear from you. Whether you’ve hit a brick wall, you’re looking for new inspiration, or you just want to embrace everything music has to offer, it would be great to connect with each other.

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