Since my very first website (which was not long after the Stone Age, and when the internet was powered by steam), I’ve had an ‘About Me’ page.

Trouble is, it’s always ended up as a dry, text-heavy and fairly uninspiring autobiography, as I desperately attempt to find something interesting to say about myself.

Well, after nearly 20 years, I’ve had enough of that. It’s about time this page was about me…the real (and pretty creative) me…so here goes…four important things to know about me...

(If you’re not quite ready for this radical version, a more standard biography is available here)

1. Cake

It’s the thing people seem to talk about more than any of the musical things I do: cake. Yes, I bake cakes (and bread, and cook generally). I’m just an amateur, but it’s great fun (and creative). No, I don’t want to take part in the Great British Bake-Off. If you come to any of my events or workshops (or maybe even if I come to yours), cake may feature…heavily… (p.s. here’s one I made earlier) Instagram is a good place to see more cake!

2. Education

Here, I should conscientiously list details of my education and qualifications…but let’s cut to the chase…I am deeply passionate about education (and especially music education). I’m a vocal advocate for music and music education, and the role these play in society (soapbox alert). The arts are an inherent and essential part of life, not a luxury, nor an added extra. I’ve worked with everyone from amateur beginners to professionals. I believe music is a lifelong skill and has a huge role to play in building and sustaining communities. Music can play a huge part in enhancing health, mental health and well-being.

3. Create

One of the things which has always made it so hard writing an ‘About Me’ page is that I don’t really fit into a nice neat box (I’d like to think I’m not just ‘out of box’ but that we got rid of the box years ago!). I’m hugely passionate about creating things, whether that’s music, design, bread or cake. I think creativity has a huge role to play in working towards a fairer and sustainable world and society. Not just being creative as individuals, but in collaboration with others too. Here's another cake:

4. Genealogy

Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m pretty genealogy-obsessed. You see, just as I counted down to days to the release of the 1901 Census, then the 1911 Census, I’m already excited about the forthcoming release of the 1921 Census (I know, that’s sad, but just you wait…) If you’ve not researched your family history, I promise you, it’s completely absorbing and totally addictive! (On a more serious note, I also think we have a huge amount to learn from the past: the past shapes our today and influences our tomorrow).


So, that's me.

I could write more...but four things is probably enough for the moment!