A Prayer for Peace

A Prayer for Peace for SAB and organ (or piano) by Lichfield-based composer, David BartonCatalogue Number: SA5022
SAB & organ (or piano)
Publisher: Canasg Choral
Difficulty Level: E
Year of Publication: 2007
Duration: 3 minutes
Availability: In Print

Printed Copy: Price depends on number of singers in group
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A serene and gradually strengthening setting of this prayer for peace.  Over an arpeggiated organ accompaniment, a three part structure is built up piece by piece, each part repeating until all are present.  Altos enter first, singing the Latin words.  Sopranos bring in the English translation, and the men underpin and reinforce the upper voices in building up the warm three part texture at the end. The accompaniment can be played without much difficulty on the piano instead of the organ.

Potential Uses

Worship, Anthem, Church, Remembrance, Peace

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