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My mission is to create and facilitate an environment where you have the opportunity to grow and experience all that music offers, no matter where you are on that journey, and no matter how you engage with music.

Catalogue of Works

A large catalogue of compositions and arrangements is available representing over 100 of my published pieces. Works are available for voice, choir, organ, piano, flute, clarinet, oboe and chamber ensemble. Full details of each piece, and both sheet music and audio samples are available where possible.

Diploma Mentoring

Flute, Piano & Singing Lessons

Here in Lichfield, Staffordshire, I offer a range of simple and flexible options to help students learn, all of which centre around creativity and imagination. Lessons can provide a gateway to a whole range of musical experiences, hours of enjoyment, and a lifetime’s fulfilment.

More of my skills

Piano accompanist

Piano accompanist

Composer, arranger,
& publisher

Freelance writer & researcher

Freelance writer & researcher

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