The DipLCM(TD) in Instrumental/Vocal Teaching is the first-level teaching diploma offered by the London College of Music. It comprises of four elements:

  1. 20 minute demonstration lesson in front of the examiner(s);
  2. Presentation and demonstration centred around LCM exam pieces, and general teaching issues;
  3. Performance, on your instrument of a piece of Grade 6 standard or above;
  4. Viva voce discussion based on your presentation and demonstration lesson.

How can David help?

Demonstration Lesson:

  • Advice on choice of pupil, lesson structure and content;
  • Read and give feedback on drafts of any lesson plans;

Presentation and Demonstration:

  • Advice on choosing the required pieces;
  • Recommend reading, resources and other materials relating to the topic;
  • Advice on structuring the presentation;
  • Feedback on drafts of the presentation.


  • Advice on choosing a suitable piece.

Viva Voce:

  • Provide sample questions based on your presentation and demonstration;
  • General advice about the Viva discussion.

All mentoring is tailored to the individual and is not a course of study. There are no set course materials, rather, David is guided by your individual needs and requirements.

Only one option for DipLCM(TD) mentoring is offered as there is no written materials requiring submission:

Option A

Mentoring for complete DipLCM(TD)
Runs January to July, June to December, September to March
£395 (or 6 x £72.50 monthly payments)

If you are outside of the UK and your exam sessions take place at different times, packages can be adjusted accordingly. Please enquire.

To find out more about the mentoring David offers and to enquire about availability, please send him a message.