The DipABRSM in Instrumental/Vocal Teaching is the first-level teaching diploma offered by ABRSM. It comprises of three elements:

  1. Written Submission (1,800 words on a prescribed title chosen by the candidate and sent with the entry form);
  2. Viva Voce (based on three current ABRSM Grade 6 pieces for your instrument and general teaching issues);
  3. Quick Study (unaccompanied of around ABRSM Grade 6 standard).

How can David help?

Written Submission:

  • Advice on choice of title, planning and structuring the essay;
  • Recommend reading, resources and other materials relating to the topic;
  • Read and give feedback on drafts of the essay;
  • Give general advice on academic writing, presentation and referencing.

Viva Voce:

  • Advice on choosing Grade 6 pieces;
  • Providing sample questions based on those pieces and feedback on answers;
  • General advise about the Viva discussion;
  • Advice on choosing which materials to take to the exam.

Quick Study:

  • General advice on preparation;
  • Recommendations of practice materials;
  • Listen to and give feedback on recordings of QS practices.

All mentoring is tailored to the individual and is not a course of study. There are no set course materials, rather, David is guided by your individual needs and requirements.

Two options for DipABRSM mentoring are offered:

Option A

Mentoring for complete DipABRSM
Runs January to July, and June to December
£260 (or 6 x £47.50 monthly payments)

Option B

Mentoring for Viva Voce and Quick Study ONLY
Runs May to July, and October to December
£195 (or 3 x £71.50 monthly payments)

To find out more about the mentoring David offers and to enquire about availability, please send him a message.