Accompanying Sessions

As well as providing piano accompaniment for exams, David is also happy to provide accompaniment on a more 'ad-hoc' basis. Learning to play or sing with a 'live' accompanist is incredibly important, and an often overlooked part of learning an instrument. Maybe you or your child has a teacher who doesn't play the piano? Maybe you or they have been working on pieces which would be good to try with the piano?

Whatever your requirements, David can help. These sessions are particularly suitable for people who maybe aren't taking exams or who would just value the opportunity to play or sing with an accompanist. If you're specifically looking for rehearsals and accompaniment for your exam, please see this separate page.

David offers a tiered fee system for these sessions, based roughly on the standard of pieces you or your child are playing. At the lower grades, most pieces can be sight-read and practice outside isn't normally needed. As you progress to the higher grades, David will need to put more work in outside the sessions, hence the fee rises slightly to reflect this. David recommends a minimum of an hour's session to get the most from the experience.

 Fee per hour
Up to Grade 5£30.00
Grades 6-8£35.00
Diploma Level£40.00

Sessions are available on weekdays, and also at weekends an in school holidays by arrangement. If you would like more information, or you'd like to book a session, please e-mail David here.

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